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This course will start on April 1 and run until April 30.  During the thirty days of the course, participants will take one photograph each day and share it online.  Each photograph will follow a topic as outlined in this Google Spreadsheet.

Participants will learn many different photographic techniques during this course. We will publish photos online, and organize them using groups and tags.  All you need is a camera.  Any camera will do.

Photos will be shared using Flickr.  Flickr is a product owned by Yahoo.  If you do not have a Flickr account, you may set one up using a Yahoo or Google account.  Before you enroll in this course, setup a Flickr account.  It's free.

Enrollment is open to anyone.  Sign up by filling out this form.

Cory-Rawson Local Schools

This course is divided into nine week sections as follows:

1st nine weeks:  Spain

2nd nine weeks:  The Caribbean

3rd nine weeks:  Central America

4th nine weeks:  South America

Assignments will include watching films, designing trips, studying the history, reading books, and listening to music.  I will post assignments each week.  You need to post some comments about what you have done each week.